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boys will be boys

Sep. 11th, 2007 | 03:27 pm
location: strozier
mood: hopeful hopeful
music: peaches

so i like this boy. his name is horacio. but i don't know if he likes me. and it's all complicated and yet incredibly simple. i don't know. i love situations like this. butterflies. amazing. here's to it going well, and by well i of course mean how i want for it to go.

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me and vanessa on peter and ryan

Oct. 17th, 2006 | 09:59 pm
location: cake
mood: anxious anxious
music: manu chau

NessaBR: omg he said that? lol
pRETTYpINKsECRET: yea it was quite upsetting
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i was like oh great
NessaBR: but what happened with u and dylan?

Auto response from NessaBR: YAY for relaxing day !!!!!......

Cleaning my room (with pleasure)
Laundry (with pleasure)
and other stuffff..

NessaBR returned at 5:09:52 PM.
NessaBR: wait which was upsetting?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: like him just saying stupidness like tht
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i wanted to sex him up you know
NessaBR: lol im trying to put a face to that name
NessaBR: and what about dylan ?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: um what about me and dylan breaking up like a month ago
NessaBR: just out of nowhere?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: um just out of the fact that we don't love each other
pRETTYpINKsECRET: and that i can't really do monogamy
pRETTYpINKsECRET: because i have an addiction to free roaming penis
pRETTYpINKsECRET: haaaaaaa
pRETTYpINKsECRET: but no seriously
NessaBR: hahah lol
NessaBR: :-)
pRETTYpINKsECRET: ryan fox went to middle and high school with us
NessaBR: so ryan fox...
NessaBR: i know
NessaBR: im trying to put a face to his name
pRETTYpINKsECRET: but he was a raging nobody, so i don't know
NessaBR: lolol
pRETTYpINKsECRET: he's on my myspace, friend number 13
pRETTYpINKsECRET: ha it's so true
pRETTYpINKsECRET: do you remember peter sotomayor?
NessaBR: of course
NessaBR: i love peter
pRETTYpINKsECRET: oh my god he is sooooo great
NessaBR: he is the only person i had class with in like 6th grade and still acknowledged me until past highschool graduation! lol
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i told him about the ryan thing and he was like " i can't believe he may get lucky with you"
NessaBR: he would actually say hii and stuff lol
NessaBR: aww
NessaBR: lol does he have aim?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: haaaaaaaaaaaa, well wait me too
pRETTYpINKsECRET: yea his name is popopierced
pRETTYpINKsECRET: we love each other and might make babies one day
NessaBR is away at 5:19:22 PM.
pRETTYpINKsECRET: you going away has to stop or my heart will, you decide

Auto response from NessaBR: pRETTYpINKsECRET: my love last night i had this crazy dream where you and me were these amazon women and we were protecting this little boy by covering him in a blanket and giving him a small white kitten to hold, this all took place in an elevator which was really a large room. mind fuck i know. it was very beautiful.

NessaBR: perfect
pRETTYpINKsECRET: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
NessaBR: lol
NessaBR: i had to put that up hehe
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i'm laughing out loud at the fact that you put that there
NessaBR: lolol
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i'm also laughing and clapping like a retard
NessaBR: i love it
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i love you
pRETTYpINKsECRET: no but also more great peter quotes
NessaBR: lol I love you too !! lol the dream was amazing
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i told him i liked ryan fox and he said "you lie with the tongue of ten beasts"

Auto response from NessaBR: pRETTYpINKsECRET: my love last night i had this crazy dream where you and me were these amazon women and we were protecting this little boy by covering him in a blanket and giving him a small white kitten to hold, this all took place in an elevator which was really a large room. mind fuck i know. it was very beautiful.

NessaBR: hahaha
NessaBR: is he online now/

Auto response from NessaBR: pRETTYpINKsECRET: my love last night i had this crazy dream where you and me were these amazon women and we were protecting this little boy by covering him in a blanket and giving him a small white kitten to hold, this all took place in an elevator which was really a large room. mind fuck i know. it was very beautiful.

NessaBR: eeeeverytime you dream with me it takes place in an elevator....?

pRETTYpINKsECRET: add him as a friend
pRETTYpINKsECRET: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
pRETTYpINKsECRET: he is so funny
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i told him i sometimes masturbated with cucumbers and he said "you masturbate with it from one end and i'll eat it from the other end"
pRETTYpINKsECRET: haaaaaaaaaaa
NessaBR: lol
NessaBR: hahaha
NessaBR: lol omg peter
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i almost died
NessaBR: that was wayy beyond what id expect him to say !
pRETTYpINKsECRET: then i was like "kind of like lady and the tramp"

pRETTYpINKsECRET: haaaaaaaa i know right
pRETTYpINKsECRET: he's perfect
NessaBR: haha lol
NessaBR: hes greatt
pRETTYpINKsECRET: oh god there's more

Auto response from NessaBR: pRETTYpINKsECRET: my love last night i had this crazy dream where you and me were these amazon women and we were protecting this little boy by covering him in a blanket and giving him a small white kitten to hold, this all took place in an elevator which was really a large room. mind fuck i know. it was very beautiful.

NessaBR: eeeeverytime you dream with me it takes place in an elevator....?

NessaBR: tell mee
pRETTYpINKsECRET: also i was like finishing a sentence and i said "you should totally come" and he quickly said "in your mouth"
NessaBR returned at 5:25:25 PM.
pRETTYpINKsECRET: with no relation to what we were talking aout
pRETTYpINKsECRET: it was so funnnnny
NessaBR: lol tsk tsk tskk..wow
pRETTYpINKsECRET: he's just really funny
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i might have to put this as a blog on myspace
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i just might
NessaBR: hahaha do it lol
NessaBR: what is fox
NessaBR: s name on ur space?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: my favorite part was i was getting upset about the ryan thing, well wait did i tell you how the ryan thing came to be
pRETTYpINKsECRET: um ryan wkf or c or something
pRETTYpINKsECRET: number 13 on my top 16
NessaBR: ok im looking thru it now
NessaBR: tell me how it came to be
pRETTYpINKsECRET: oh sweet god
NessaBR: woa i definitely dont remember his face
NessaBR: only name
NessaBR: haha i see what u see lol
pRETTYpINKsECRET: did you see peter sign on
NessaBR: yeah i did
NessaBR: lol
NessaBR: thats why i saidi see what u see lol
pRETTYpINKsECRET: haaaaaaaaaaaaa
pRETTYpINKsECRET: back to the crush
NessaBR: yes tell all
pRETTYpINKsECRET: well i had this elaborate dream about me and him having sweet hand holding eye gazing love sex on top of a white layery sweet cake
NessaBR: damn...why cant i have dreams like that?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: it was so beautiful, and i woke up with a very elaborate crush on ryan fox as you may imagine
NessaBR: haha lol
NessaBR: and it only took a great dream
pRETTYpINKsECRET: and i told him about this
pRETTYpINKsECRET: of course
NessaBR: haha lol
NessaBR: damn
NessaBR: u have no fear ;-)
pRETTYpINKsECRET: and he was all flattered and into it at first but then he just got all nervous or something and said he felt pressured to like me back, i don't know the emaning
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i know i really do not
NessaBR: well he probably never thought about it and got scared and nervous
pRETTYpINKsECRET: ugh mess
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i just want to hang out with him and possibly sex, i want to sex
NessaBR: lol
NessaBR: ur crazy diders

pRETTYpINKsECRET: nessers i love you
pRETTYpINKsECRET: even more i love that nickname
pRETTYpINKsECRET: no but seriously, why do people have to play games
NessaBR: eh he is just nervous dider.............and maybe he doesnt want a relationship and is afraid ur going to want one
pRETTYpINKsECRET: oh my god the games
pRETTYpINKsECRET: well the thing is he said it might be awkward if i come on friday
pRETTYpINKsECRET: and that's no good, cuz i just wanted to hang out and like kiss on the mouth and stuff but now he's saying that might be awkward
NessaBR: and where is he?
NessaBR: oh r u going to orlando this weekend?
NessaBR: aah ok
NessaBR: i hopethings go well ;-)
pRETTYpINKsECRET: me too, me too
NessaBR: buut even tho u know i think ur crazy
pRETTYpINKsECRET: what why is this?
NessaBR: cause really you can do better anywayyy
pRETTYpINKsECRET: oh god maybe
NessaBR: maybe???
pRETTYpINKsECRET: but this is like a carnal obsession
NessaBR: of course you can !
pRETTYpINKsECRET: ha ok you're right you got me
NessaBR: ;-)

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Straight men and the gays who love them, and me I love them too

Jun. 11th, 2006 | 01:48 am
mood: scared scared
music: Buttercup baby

SPhysics: my brother doesn't want to watch a movie tonight
SPhysics: someone random from gay.com just started talking to me....i can't remember his name...aaaaahhh
pRETTYpINKsECRET: sluttastic
SPhysics: exactly, i might do him in the future...as one of my conquests you know..
SPhysics: HAHAH
pRETTYpINKsECRET: that's my boy
pRETTYpINKsECRET: luana's boyfriend is talking to me
pRETTYpINKsECRET: about their lack of a sex life
pRETTYpINKsECRET: likely story likely story
SPhysics: hmmmm
SPhysics: well of course
SPhysics: i think you should get the new album from the dixie chicks
SPhysics: as i nut over it
SPhysics: a lot of slow songs in the middle of it...but the first few are really great
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i heard it with james
SPhysics: oh cool
pRETTYpINKsECRET: IcdErth99: that's why I'm going to jump in my car, drive over to you, and have crazy sex with you
IcdErth99: right now
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i live in lakeland
IcdErth99: like I care
pRETTYpINKsECRET: well then i guess if you want
pRETTYpINKsECRET: but buy me mcdonalds
IcdErth99: are you being serious?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: that's how i roll
pRETTYpINKsECRET: stephen none of this is serious, maybe i shouldn't lead him on?
SPhysics: oh i'm guilty of the same thing, i lead people on a lot
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i love it though
SPhysics: perhaps not, i bet he is willing to drive that far for.....for your sex
pRETTYpINKsECRET: oh my god
SPhysics: lets talk about sex baby....lets talk about you and me
SPhysics: that was our daily flashback
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i want to be friends with gary forever
SPhysics: with all your history i'm sure you will
pRETTYpINKsECRET: just like you and me but plus sex and minus logic
SPhysics: hahah i like that
pRETTYpINKsECRET: IcdErth99: okay, I'm coming over
pRETTYpINKsECRET: never again
IcdErth99: I need sex
SPhysics: oh my
SPhysics: needs sex, kinda hot
SPhysics: he should tape the sex and send me a copy
SPhysics: that's how i roll
SPhysics: hahaha
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i have a boyfriend whom i don't want to cheart on
pRETTYpINKsECRET: for once in my life
SPhysics: very well, i understand
SPhysics: which i actually commend
SPhysics: but gary should still do something dirty for me then
SPhysics: can ask you a slightly scary question?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: please do
SPhysics: or perhaps its too late at night for this
SPhysics: do you ever get a sense that someone is about to enter the room...or just that there is someone present?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: why did you have to go there
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i'm all alone
pRETTYpINKsECRET: damnit damnit
SPhysics: oh i'm sorry, i was gonna ask you if you were
pRETTYpINKsECRET: noooooooooooooo
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i'm getting sic
SPhysics: oh relax relax
SPhysics: are you at elisa's?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i'm getting chills
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i'm at my house my parents are asleep and there's ghosts in here
SPhysics: oh lords
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i just scratched my neck
SPhysics: wait....your parents have internet now?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: stephen i just looked at my shadow and got scared
pRETTYpINKsECRET: yea finally
pRETTYpINKsECRET: it's like we're back in the 80s
SPhysics: i see, they stopped being hippies
SPhysics: haha
SPhysics: anywho, i should take naked pics of myself again since i dont have anymore
SPhysics: HAAAA
SPhysics: and send them to guys
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i wish i had seen the ones you did take
SPhysics: i think i can get them back, steven has them
SPhysics: i kinda wanna take some with a photographer though
SPhysics: is that crazy?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i understand that
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i'll take them
pRETTYpINKsECRET: woah, i will though
SPhysics: woah, ok perhaps
SPhysics: like pics with clothing...and then gradually no clothing
SPhysics: hahah
SPhysics: vasili has such gay away messages
pRETTYpINKsECRET: vasili is gay
SPhysics: correct
SPhysics: omg i want to say hi to that army guy from michigan
SPhysics: and be like....damn your dick is big, i wish i could have it again
SPhysics: HAAAA too much?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: not enough
pRETTYpINKsECRET: do it and then copy and paste
SPhysics: omg....
SPhysics: he probably still hates me
SPhysics: oh god i said hi
pRETTYpINKsECRET: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
SPhysics: ugh no response, he clearly has an away message up
pRETTYpINKsECRET: nooooooooooooooooooo
pRETTYpINKsECRET: fucking typical
SPhysics: yep
SPhysics: oh your sweet boyfriend......
SPhysics: woah wait...
pRETTYpINKsECRET: was that going towards sex or something
SPhysics: haha no no
SPhysics: i'm just being silly
pRETTYpINKsECRET: you want the meat?
SPhysics: ummm........yes
SPhysics: someone's
SPhysics: oh my
pRETTYpINKsECRET: you got some nerve midgett
SPhysics: agreed
SPhysics: don't worry, i won't steal your boyfriend
pRETTYpINKsECRET: good because you're the only person who could
SPhysics: considering he is straight and lives in a different state
pRETTYpINKsECRET: yea like that would stop a homewrecker such as yourself
pRETTYpINKsECRET: wait perhaps i'm thinking of jose
SPhysics: oh my
SPhysics: i know i just thought of him too
SPhysics: oh poor jose
pRETTYpINKsECRET: poor jose
SPhysics: HBJ
pRETTYpINKsECRET: poor are the men who jose tampers with
pRETTYpINKsECRET: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
SPhysics: ooooohhhhhhhhhhh
SPhysics: woah woah woah....the army guy from michigan is responding
SPhysics: he wants to know where i'm from and then where i'm at now...
pRETTYpINKsECRET: lajohgohaegioehgaogh
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i just got all nervous
pRETTYpINKsECRET: that's so i wanna fuck you now talk
SPhysics: me too
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i should know
pRETTYpINKsECRET: haaaaaaaaaaa
pRETTYpINKsECRET: copy and paste asap
SPhysics: oh gods...and perhaps we would but...guess where he is at
SPhysics: ok ok
SPhysics: how much of that did you get?
SPhysics: well i'll just say...he moved to fucking ORLANDO
SPhysics: he lives like 2 minutes from the florida mall
SPhysics: what are the odds
pRETTYpINKsECRET: what the fuck
pRETTYpINKsECRET: can i eff him for you?
SPhysics: oh gods
SPhysics: i would get too jealous
SPhysics: just do it without my knowledge....and then tell me anyways...HAAA
pRETTYpINKsECRET: isn't he flaming
SPhysics: oh a year later i can't get over his nice big dick........no he is masculine
SPhysics: he was in the army
SPhysics: he's not that hot in the face....but that's not what i was caring about
pRETTYpINKsECRET: what a fucking slut you be
SPhysics: agreed
pRETTYpINKsECRET: so was he by definition a butter face
SPhysics: a butter face?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: everything is good but her face
pRETTYpINKsECRET: in your case his face
SPhysics: oh i believe that is accurate
SPhysics: he has tattoos as well, and an army shaved hair cut
SPhysics: yeah, i'd say
SPhysics: i came all over his stomach...too much detail?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: not enough
pRETTYpINKsECRET: what did he do with it?
SPhysics: just wipe it off eventually
SPhysics: hhaha
SPhysics: as i move back to orlando and abandon all career plans
SPhysics: HAA
pRETTYpINKsECRET: great choice
pRETTYpINKsECRET: fabulous plan
pRETTYpINKsECRET: brilliant
SPhysics: as the lab is like why are you leaving?
pRETTYpINKsECRET: for cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SPhysics: "oh, a guy with a huge dick lives in orlando"
SPhysics: LOL
pRETTYpINKsECRET: ha genious
pRETTYpINKsECRET: best lines of all time
pRETTYpINKsECRET: this is going straight to livejournal
SPhysics: HAHAHA
SPhysics: nice
pRETTYpINKsECRET: dylan took me to the melting pot yesterday
SPhysics: oohhhhh
SPhysics: that's romantic
pRETTYpINKsECRET: he's amazing
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i want his sex
SPhysics: mmmm
pRETTYpINKsECRET: agreeeee?
SPhysics: and i want a tape of it...i mean....ummm
SPhysics: agreed
pRETTYpINKsECRET: woah too much
pRETTYpINKsECRET: not enough?
SPhysics: i believe 'not enough' is the correct answer
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i'm giving him problems about having sex pictures of us because he might show his friends, when i know full well i'll show everyone i mother effing know the pictures
pRETTYpINKsECRET: you like the way i do things
SPhysics: oh lord
SPhysics: i like the double standard happening
SPhysics: well don't worry, i'm not pushing for pics
SPhysics: if you believe that one
pRETTYpINKsECRET: and that's why i like you
SPhysics: haha
pRETTYpINKsECRET: because you will lie to get your way
pRETTYpINKsECRET: smart man
SPhysics: i know its great
SPhysics: mmm back to the original band i love dear
pRETTYpINKsECRET: dixinthechiks
SPhysics: no, i just listened to them like 3 times in a row
pRETTYpINKsECRET: i'm outta here
pRETTYpINKsECRET: gotta go phone bang
SPhysics: hahah nice
SPhysics: ok dear
SPhysics: love ya, talk to ya later
pRETTYpINKsECRET: 7th grade style

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Done and done?

Jan. 26th, 2006 | 08:10 pm
mood: crappy crappy

Image hosting by Photobucket

So we haven't talked all day long, he hasn't called me or tried to or anything of the sort, but I went with Jose to Walmart so we came back to his dorm. And Vasili was here but he didn't say anything to me. And then when we finally did talk he acted as if nothing was wrong and then just left to go to his friend's house. So that's what's up. Whenever I'm around him I'm only guaranteed to get more upset by the way he acts. Endless facts I have to consider. But he's clearly not worried about it, so I'm gonna let it go.

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Yea, it's like that

Jan. 26th, 2006 | 01:40 am
mood: blah blah
music: Fool by Shakira

I'm so over all his stupid shit. On a scale of one to ten, it's not even worth it.

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Jan. 21st, 2006 | 11:14 pm

OH MY GOD. Ok seriously. I'm so upset right now. I don't want this to be a total vent episode entry (even though I do love reading other people's), but my boyfriend constantly manages to frustrate me. And I'm not talking frustrate in the way that it's frustrating to have to wait in a long line at Wal-mart. I'm talking frustrating in the way that you're like "why am I dealing with this endless bullshit?"

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They made out like it's their job

Nov. 18th, 2005 | 02:29 am
mood: quixotic quixotic
music: Santa Baby

Me and Stephen were at the fucking McDonald's drive through with 'Santa Baby' blasting on the radio and we proceeded to see a happy couple walking to their car in hug mode. Then the couple stops by their car and proceeds to make out to the effing max, it was very hot to watch and both Stephen and I had throbbing boners by this time. Then the girl got in the car and the guy wrapped her scarf on her pulled her towards him and the making out continued only with a little more passion, don't bust that nut yet there's more. Me and Stephen were fully leaned over watching this in total rage that we couldn't have overly passionate and publicly affectionate boyfriends like this young sir. Nonetheless it was the best thing either of us have seen in like the past million years. Good night. Real good. This was way better than Harry Potter Stephen, like way!

"Just eff it"

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I got the same thing for Love and Fun, and yet this shit decides to say Fun, what a cheap crock

Nov. 13th, 2005 | 11:52 am

<td align="center">Fun is most important in your life.

Having a high focus on fun indicates that you value your own enjoyment over anything else. And there is nothing wrong with that. Your motto is we're here for a good time - not a long time.

Life Piechart - QuizGalaxy.com
Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

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Eric Field will you marry me?

Nov. 3rd, 2005 | 12:51 am
mood: full full
music: Love is Strange from Dirty Dancing soundtrack

SPhysics: oh goooooooods
SPhysics: hellinmyeyes: *licks your head*
SPhysics: which one?
hellinmyeyes: take a guess, perv :P
SPhysics: uhh...the one without a brain???
prettYpinKsecreT: oh my fucking bleeding Jesus Christ on his cheap fucking cross
prettYpinKsecreT: that is the most insane shit I've ever read
prettYpinKsecreT: and by ever I mean tonight
prettYpinKsecreT: wow
SPhysics: oh i just died
SPhysics: i spased out when i read what you just said
SPhysics: and by that i mean epilepsy
prettYpinKsecreT: oh the J talk
prettYpinKsecreT: oh wow wait
prettYpinKsecreT: fo real yo?
SPhysics: kinda yeah
prettYpinKsecreT: did I offend your savior?
prettYpinKsecreT: (too far?)
SPhysics: i did an eric field type of move...where you bend down and turn around quickly
prettYpinKsecreT: damnit I love him
prettYpinKsecreT: I love him
prettYpinKsecreT: I'd marry him I tell you
prettYpinKsecreT: If I wasn't deathly afraid of mormon penis in me
SPhysics: HAHAH
SPhysics: like its a virus
SPhysics: "get it out get it out!!!"
prettYpinKsecreT: and he'd be like "I can't I can't"
SPhysics: i like
prettYpinKsecreT: well I don't goddammit me and Eric sex would be like monkeys playing scrabble, you're just hoping to get a blanks

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I'm quite interesting, read on

Oct. 29th, 2005 | 04:32 pm
mood: complacent complacent
music: The Best is Yet to Come by Frank Sinatra

48 of the most random things you prob. never needed to know about someone. REPOST WITH YOUR ANSWERS

1. Your name spelled backwards? Anaid

2. Where were your parents born? Mom: Medellin, Colombia Dad: Pereira, Colombia

3. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? I live on campus

4. What's your favorite restaurant? The Melting Pot

5. Last time you swam in a pool? August

6. Have you ever been in a school play? Absolutely, I played Philosttrate in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' correct, that is a male role

7. How many kids do you want? 0, that's how I roll

8. Type of music you dislike most? Techno and Hard New Age Rock

9. Are you registered to vote? yes, Flamming Democrat

10. Do you have cable? yes, please, I live for television, and by this I mean VH1, The Real World, Laguna Beach, and anything and everything on the Food Network

11. Have you ever ridden on a moped? never

12. Ever prank-called anybody? prank calls were me and my friends lives in middle school

13. Best friend? Huge toss up between Melanie Maldonado and Stephen Padgett, but if I had to choose then it'd be my brother, German Alvarez

14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? I'd throw up, I can't even go on Splash Mountain, you need to get serious

15. Furthest place you ever traveled? Paris, Francia

16. Do you have a garden? again, I live on campus, but Vasili gave me flowers

17. What's your favorite comic strip? Betty and Veronica

18. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem? sure

19. Bath or Shower, morning or night? shower, night

20. Best movie you've seen in the past month? 'Hocus Pocus'

21. Favorite pizza toppings? Ham and Pineapple

22. Chips or popcorn? chips, popcorn makes me gag

23. What color lipstick do you usually wear? lip gelee by mac, it's peach but it's called 'Slicked pink'

24. Have you ever smoked peanut shells? I'm afraid not so

25. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? decidingly not

26. Orange Juice or apple? Orange with loads of pulp

27. Who was the last person you went out to dinner with and where? Vasili Coumbos, a little bit of Durango, it was for our two week anniversary, courtesy of my father

28. Favorite type chocolate bar? snickers

29. When was the last time you voted at the polls? Presidential election 2004

30. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?I don't eat tomatoes, soooooooooooooo last year

31. Have you ever won a trophy? yes, Best Supporting Actress, Best Actress in a Bit Role, Astounding Soccer Player Award, Best in Sparring...I'm dangerous

32. Are you a good cook? I'm hispanic

33. Do you know how to pump your own gas? I don't have down syndrome

34. Ever ordered from an infomercial? yes!

35. Sprite or 7-up? Chocolate milk

36. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work? yes, death

37. Last thing you bought at a Walgreens? I don't buy things from Walgreens, just steal, and the last items were: 2 boxes of orange hair dye, 4-C batteries, 1 nail slicks blue topal nailpolish, 4 Bubblelicious gum packs, and a magazine

38. Ever thrown up in public? yes at Muvico in Pointe Orlando after consecutively consuming two hash brownies, Billy had to literally tell me to throw up between two over sized trucks, fun times

39. Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love? Millionaire, no questions, although love isn't so bad either

40. Do you believe in love at first sight? ha, never!

41. Can ex's be just friends? I'm friends with almost all my exes, except for David because he's retarted and also people who I just haven't talked to since I was 15

42. Who was the last person you visited in a hospital? My mom

43. Did you have a lot of hair as a baby? a little bit, really curly

44. What message is on your answering machine? Shannon and Lane singing 'My humps' and I love it.

45. Where would you like to go? Espana

46. What was the name of your first pet? Rambo and China, they were Chow Chow puppies, who grew up to have babies together and then get eaten by my uncle, that's how we do it in the jungle

47. What kinda backpack do you have, and what's in it? I only have super large hobo bags with fun phrases like "I'd rather be shopping" and "Swim near a life guard" on them, and everything that I could ever need in my life is in them, but here's five random objects: Victoria's Secret Passionate Kisses body lotion, Care Bears note pad, LifeStyles ultra lubricated tuxedo condom, Zephryhills water bottle, and tweezers

48. Who are your best friends of the opposite sex? German (my precious brother, who deeply abhors me), Stephen (my super gay lover), Billy (because he knows me), and last but not least, Vasili (because he deals with me and gives m3 full hugs.

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